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Nine Secrets to Maintaining Your Car

Robert Sikorskys little book Drive It Forever offers invaluable tips to keep your car going the extra mile. His stellar advice could save you a years worth of car payments or more!The smoother you drive, the longer your car will run. Stopping and starting, fast lane changes, scratching off all lead to shorter life for your car.Naturally, you can not drive at all without stopping and starting. But your goal is to keep moving smoothly any time that you can. Does it look like a stoplight is about to turn green? Then slow down and if possible, gently keep moving until the light changes.Less engine idle means less engine wear, says Sikorsky. If you have to idle longer than 30 seconds, you may as well turn the engine off and start it when you are ready to roll. So turn off the car if you are waiting in parking lots, waiting on others to ready themselves for travel, if you have to go back in the house for something, etc.And never rev up the car while it is not moving. If you are driving in bumper to bumper b...


Must Have Auto Power Tools for Your Shop

There are several automotive tools that are essential and that you must have in your shop. Customers that come to your shop for repair will need quality work done on their cars. This is what keeps them coming back. In order to achieve this, you need to invest in quality power tools. The types you buy will depend on the type of services you offer your customers but there are still some tools that cut across the board.Auto power tools are easier to operate since you do not put as much effort in them as manual hand tools. All you need is to plug them into a power source. It is for this reason that you should have a portable generator in order to ensure that you have constant power supply. There are also cordless auto tools for sale that use batteries. This makes them more portable around the shop. Some of the most common power tools are impact wrenches. They perform the same task as the manual tools but they are more efficient. They speed up the process of tightening and loosening bolts. This way you will be ab...


All Of The Thorny But Knowable New York SR22 Insurance Requirements

Knowing the driving and insurance laws in your state is crucial to being able to go about your driving happily. You must have one sort of insurance or another in the world today. Drivers who are driving without any insurance, either on their cars or person, are doing so illegally in most states of the United States. Police in these states must check for proof of insurance, along with a valid license and vehicle registration. The New York SR22 insurance requirements are simple. You do not need to file this document with the government.SR22 forms can be used for many reasons. Insurance companies ask for these forms and give them out as proof of insurance if the driver can not provide proof at the scene. Police officers need to see proof of insurance in states that require it.Liability for damage is what the SR22 proves. It is the proof of insurance for your car. Every state has different laws regarding the SR22 documentation. It is hard for most people to comprehend just what this document does.An SR22 document...


Auto Repair Tools

Auto repair tools are something that many people overlook until it is time to make use of them. So this brief article will bring a couple of important things to your attention. Maybe it is habitual for us to run to the garage or auto mechanic at the simplest onset of signs and symptoms of our cars giving trouble. No matter how much we may cherish our autos, they are mechanical machines.So it is only fair to assume that the processes within this machine would break down from time to time. However, running to the mechanic every time may not be a good idea, especially where the finances are concerned. If you can get hold of the simplest auto repair tools, there may be a considerable amount of work that you can complete, on your own.If you've got the correct set of auto repair tools, you do not need the assistance of a third party for things such as oil changes, spark plug and air filter replacements. These tools are easy to find in all leading supermarkets and shops that specialize in auto repair tools. DIY kits...


Quality Truck Repair Keeps Your Vehicle in Perfect Shape

As a car or a truck owner you share an emotional relationship with your vehicle. It is one of the most important assets in your life. It offers you the freedom to move around at your own will and also aids in transportation of goods. Vehicles tend to undergo regular wear and tear and thus call for regular maintenance checks. To ensure a smooth ride you should regularly check the tire pressure, brakes, lights etc. on your vehicle. Once you spot something wrong during such checks or find it not responding properly you need to rush it to a professional car or truck repair facility. This not only solves your immediate problems but also helps in keeping your vehicle in perfect shape for years to come. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of getting your vehicle repaired at a reputed facility.Regular Jobs Keep Vehicle HealthyThere are a few regular jobs that needs to be carried out on the vehicle from time to time to keep them fit for the roads. These include Truck and Trailer Alignments, Steering Repairs,...


Get Your Car To Run That Extra Mile

With a little extra care here and there when it comes to your car, and you will find yourself saving loads of money not just on repairs, but on fuel as well!Keep your engine tuned up. A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent. This means less money in your wallet. Follow the service schedules listed in your owners manual. Replace filters and fluids as recommended. I know it does not always fit into your schedule. You just have to make yourself do it. If the dealer is charging an arm and a leg for a tune up, get a second opinion at a local reputable car repair shop. They can do the same service schedule, usually at a greater savings to you.These tune ups not only keep your car running smoothly, but they will help when you are ready for a newer vehicle. A smooth running car means a better trade in value for you.Check your tires for proper inflation. Under inflation actually wastes fuel. It causes your engine to work harder to push the vehicle. Wheels that are out of line, as eviden...


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